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After searching for a long time about inflatable SUP surfboards i finally found one; the Paddlestroke G-Rocker. I wanted something easy to pack to bring on camping trips, hence the inflatable choice, they also are more resistant than hard boards, less prone to dings and scratches and fun enough for a bad surfer like me. The size is going to be practical for our local waves and should have enough flotation to be stable under my weight.
Its measurements are > 7'2" long x 33.5" width and 5" thick. It costs around US$ 895.00 and it seems perfectly fit for beginner up to advanced river surfers.
valve bump visible under the nose...
I was first interested by the Badfish IRS or Cobra 6.6 but it was too difficult to get some answers from them or even Boardworks, on the contrary Greg at Paddlestroke SUP was very reactive and quite stoked to send its 1st board to Canada. Cool energy and it was very pleasing to deal with him. Now that the weather is finally getting warmer i'll soon go try it out, soOo excited *_*

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