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Just coming back from Vermont again where i spent a quiet afternoon alone in Burlington, this little town is soon becoming my favorite city south of the border. On the way i stopped at my Kinek point in Champlain and grabbed this package from CKS... oOoo yeah check this out it's the new Starboard Astro Stream!
The weather was perfect today and it finally felt like spring, great for a fast photoshoot session near the lake. I'm selling the previous Astro model to Sybro so we can start the season asap. Then, i went to go check the Winooski falls where i remembered seeing a cool spot last time (scouting for this summer already).
Unfortunately this area is a NO-GO, there are private property signs everywhere near the mill and it's such a shame, it looks like an amazing natural waterpark, what an incredible spot with so many short drops and shallow rapids, can't wait to come back this summer and see if the rules are enforced or not :)
Our new habit is to stop by Beverage Warehouse and pick up some local drinks if possible, this time i only brought 2 hard cider bottles knowing that you don't pay taxes for them. 2 delicious house tacos later and some good cider, it was time to drive home and get some well deserved rest!
Our House Bistro comfort food...

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