A roaming soul in search of adventures and interesting people to share some good time with! After realizing that my life could easily fall into a boring routine despite my best efforts, i have decided to find a way out of the rat race, and to start looking for something better.

There must be something more interesting than what our global economies are imposing on us now, but as i found out, there is a steep learning curve to break out of the box and re-interpret the cultural framework/illusion deceiving us since our childhoods.

My name is Thierry Doizon (aka barontieri),  and i have been working as a concept designer and art director in the Entertainment/Videogame industry for the last 22 years.
Being the mixed offspring of a French teacher and a Chinese mother, i grew up in Toamasina, Madagascar, a beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean, spent my teenage years in Bamako, Mali in western Africa before leaving my family to go study Industrial design in Toulon, France. From there, i moved to Rochester, England in order to get a B.A and incidentally become addicted to strong cider before going back to France and to start working in the Videogame industry, hey we were in 1995 mate. Following about seven years in Paris, i decided to join a friend in the weird town of Austin, Texas, an amazing year in the warm lone star state, unfortunately, for some family reasons it was time to cut short the American adventure and return to Europe. Back to UK in Bromley, then Iver Heath, after working at Pinewood Studios for a year in the depressing British climate i just wanted to escape and luckily was offered a job at Ubisoft in Montreal, Canada.

It has been more than a decade that i reside in Quebec and i still enjoy living here. As you can imagine i am no stranger to traveling, in fact it has been a big part of my life and a privilege so far, nevertheless having a "regular" job does not allow for enough vacation IMHO.
As for now, work is fun... most of the time but spending 40h+ behind a desk and creating video games aiming at the average white American teenager could also be discouraging. However, traveling, sharing stories and moments, surfing or hiking a mountain makes me smile and feel alive, so i have eventually decided to spend more time smiling than stressing, which is easier said than done. The world is a big place and the clock is ticking, we have so much to discover.
For more information on my works you can check my website or my art blog.

Merci et bon voyage! T.