| 11.11.13 New-West...

Yipeeee here it is, my amazing little house-on-wheels, a New-West Expedition 2013. We left Montreal very early this morning to go pick it up at the factory in St-Nicolas near Quebec city and we were very excited.

After almost 3 years of passionate research we finally found our RV and here is our bad-ass van based on a Chevy Express 1500 AWD!

Now unfortunately i got sick on the way back probably because of all the junk food ingested during the trip, there was a lot of snow at the beginning and then pouring rain towards Montreal, so we had to drive carefully along the scenic route 132-O.

i definitely can't go to the MIGS party tonight where i was supposed to go help Anthony and his crew from Syn Studio to do some live speedpaintings... all apologies guys and have fun!

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