I discovered snowskating back in the winter of 2008/09, after being excited by watching some videos online i ordered a Lib Tech 43" and went to try it in Montréal's Mt-Royal just before leaving to work in Vancouver, B.C on the movie TRON. What a great timing though, I eventually sold the Lib to a co-worker and ordered a second board (from Chillerdecks) which i had the chance to ride at Cypress and also Whistler (thanks to Ben, loved 7th Heaven bro!).
I haven't had so much fun on the snow since my first few years of snowboarding in the early 90's, it's a shame i didn't find out about this activity earlier because now i don't have the guts to try some crazy tricks anymore, unlike some of my younger friends. After almost 18 years of snowboarding and snowscooting it's a liberation, especially here in Québec with those small mountains and often icy conditions, it makes everything fun again (for me at least). There are no bindings, it rides like a snowboard but could do much more with endless tricks from the skateboard repertoire, it's fun to learn, to bail,  to ride powder, or slide rails, to ollie, pop shuvit, kickflip and run around.
Find your local mountain and try to spread the love! You may often be refused by some lifties because of some dumb excuses like foot traffic (the truth is in fact ski resort's insurance policies), remember this is currently the "dark age" of snowskating (and maybe the most fun) a very similar situation to what happened to us in the snowboard movement of the late 80's/early 90's. It can only get better even though we've noticed that today, snowboarders are largely more aggressive towards us than skiers, stupid pride I guess!

For more up-to-date information about snowskating please check the current main forum and some magazines/videos or join our ever-growing FB page.

January 2013, Mont-Royal 1st official Eastern Canadian Snowskate gathering...

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