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I have recently decided to change my van for another model, the New-West Excursion. After a year of driving around and numerous memorable camping trips i now have a good understanding of my needs and travel habits, as well as the advantages/issues of the current vehicle, at least for my personal use. Here is a rapid summary of the differences between the 2 models:

- Expedition > Chevrolet Express 1500, V8 5.3L. All-wheel drive. Silver ice metallic paint. Special edition overland with bull bar, lights and roof lights, the last one of its kind because Chevy stops producing the 1500 series as of this year (no more all-wheel drive ever). I have only added a side awning and the trailer hitch, check some pics HERE and HERE. for sale now!

- Excursion > Same platform with a very different interior layout, less storage and furnitures but a modular philosophy. V6 4.3L. Standard white paint. Modern package, it was used as a demo for a TV show and was proposed at 66400$ (initial value was 71480$). I'm adding the center console table option which looks very practical.
Pros & cons (WIP):
Ok on paper, the exchange does not make much sense as the Expedition has more bells and whistles, it is certainly more powerful and can handle the bad conditions better (especially ice and snow). It does look great with its unique exterior features and is a definite head turner. The interior has more storage, plenty of lighting and a comfy dinette so why?
- The main reason is a need for more space inside when i go play on the outdoors and the Excursion can be stripped down to offer lots of cargo space. When going snowskating, paddling or biking, we usually are 2 or 3 people with quite a lot of gears and equipment which can get muddy/dirty/wet and the van's posh fittings don't seem to be made for those rough conditions. I always need to be careful and it could be annoying. The simpler yet more modular couch system on rails is definitely more appropriate, we also like the colors better which are a good reminder of the origins of the brand > New-West"falia", indeed those vehicles were designed as an homage to the German iconic camper van but built on a North-American reliable platform with a solid well tested engine.
- Stealth is important for boondocking and the Expedition is not discreet. Everywhere we go people are quite impressed and curious about it, on another hand, the current one looks like your typical delivery truck and won't attract any attention, i like that! it fits my current lifestyle better and we'll upgrade it later (small bull bar, stencil paint, roof vent).
- I own a newer vehicle with almost the exact same mileage (~ 17000 km), means it gets one more year of guarantee :) the good thing is i don't spend any money on this transaction (this model is already cheaper and had a price cut) although because we had to renew the loan with Desjardins the new fixed rate is slightly lower, about 20$ less per month which is not bad, thanks to the crisis. I guess i'll save a little bit on insurance too. This is a sweet deal for both parties.
- Even if the engine is less powerful and i will miss the AWD, there will be some savings on gas, the environment and registration taxes. The vehicle is lighter and more nimble too, i can feel the difference when braking and starting.
Well now let's get accustomed with my new shelter-on-wheels and i'll give you a thorough feedback later.
Adieu my loyal van and thank you NW for the smooth transfer and usual outstanding service :-)
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