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Bye bye Lib Tech 43", we've had some really good moments but it's time for you to bring the joy to a new owner, have fun Edith and welcome to the family! I also had the pleasure to finally ride the Chillerdecks 135 at Sutton 2 weeks ago in some good conditions, it's a very well balanced board, as comfortable on the groomers as on a casual powder trail, it floats nonchalantly over the snow and goes fast. The funny thing is that it can ollie too, the deck is slightly too big for me so i have a new one ordered.
Lib sold, CD on sale!
I needed a good session with our ever growing crew to get back into the snowskate mood, until then my mind was still lost somewhere in the Keys. Now look at this neat new Harfang ski and trucks ^_^ review coming soon after tomorrow's testing ride!
On a different note, here are some pics of this late morning promenade in Verdun, i love this bike and it makes winter even more enjoyable. It's funny to imagine that it takes a good hour of paddling to reach the Rock island and today i could have covered the same distance in maybe 10mn of pedaling.
fishermen on the frozen river...

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