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Yesterday we drove back to Burlington to get my bike. Harris at Old Spokes had just finished working on a few modifications i asked for and it was worth the wait :) The now 1x10 drivetrain has been improved with a sturdy Race Face Turbine crankset and a new single chainring narrow/wide 30T. We added some 45NRTH pedals and the tires are now mounted tubeless. I'm pretty excited about this setup and i'll write a review of the bike soon enough. Thank you guys for the business and outstanding service!
simple is better!
We then parked in downtown for some food and sightseeing, it was humid and cold (reminded me of UK's horrible winter) but it is a pretty little town and we'll certainly come back in summer to visit more of the lake and the surroundings... and of course to get some of the renowned local (and real) ice creams.
Except for a little incident before leaving (hmm yes i may have locked ourselves out of the van, thanks CAA for saving us), it was a fun day and there is a new shiny member in my sport quiver!

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