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Since we need to keep enough space inside the van to sleep i finally assembled the North Shore Racks NSR-2 which arrived 2 weeks ago. It wasn't that easy (make sure to read the assembly note thoroughly), especially the hitch part but it is now ready for our trip and works perfectly with the ICT.
I'm glad that i mounted the rack on the middle holes of the hitch bar and not the most forward ones as indicated, a van has a very straight rear body and the Surly has larger tires than regular mountain bikes, so it needs more clearance. This rack is awesome and very solid... meaning very heavy too. The ergonomics is really well thought out, very simple and easy to use, the only detail that you may want to improve is the middle pin, it needs to be covered in order to protect your bottom-bracket paint. Usually the mountain bike's BB are narrower but the fat bike ones come very close to the main tube and may touch the pin. The rest works like a charm, not surprising that NSR has such a good reputation (great service too). Note that it's also made in B.CCanada ;-)
simple design, efficient and functional!
P.S: We have recently started a fat bike Quebec G+ group so please come join us!

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