| Outdoor Adventure Show 2017...

WOW we are almost there once again, the Outdoor Adventure Show in Montreal. Please come by to see us at the Jumana Boards booth (#729) this WE to discover the new collection with many more awesome models, improved materials and brand new graphics.
I have designed all the boards in collaboration with the Jumana's team this year as well as establish the new art direction for their line of products. It's a really fun project because I have the chance to try a few ideas and also test those boards myself, yummy! This is also great as it brings me back to my industrial design roots.
This year's models have plenty of cool improvements, notably a stronger, stiffer and lighter pre-laminated dropstitch PVC and double-stringers with Dyneema reinforcements. We've also added Clickfins to the mix which I am definitely super excited about.
I'll be demoing the new boards in the cold pool Saturday and Sunday, you're welcome to come and support me :) See you there!

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