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This WE we went camping at Park National d'Oka. My 1st idea was to go visit (and surfing) Long Sands Beach in Maine but it was too short notice and all the campgrounds are still closed at the moment, so we decided to stay around Mtl. The park is only an hour away but was quite empty during this cold weekend.
Our camping spot was perfect, quiet and we even had time to set up our hammock and enjoy it for the 1st time :) the evening was too cold to stay outside so we just started a fire to toast our bread before eating inside the van.
We already went a few times to Oka but never explored the Eastern sector, which is quite interesting. There are some beautiful hike trails and a tall watch tower located in front of the swamp La Grande Baie. This area was actually flooded, some part of our path sometimes disappeared underwater and we had to improvise. The great thing is that it gave us the chance to see a lot of the local wildlife like turtles, frogs, snakes and beavers!
There is a large heronry at the Grande Baie marsh. Although we didn't have the chance to see any baby herons.
Next time we hope to visit the historic site of the Calvaire d'Oka. Anyways, so many other things to do there: SUP, fatbike, hiking, bird watching and many more! Let me know if you have experienced some great things in this park and any recommendations are really appreciated. Cheers!

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