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whoaAaah that was an intense weekend, we have just completed an Instructor's course in basic SUP flatwater Level 01 with Julien Nantais from Pop Spirit and Unda. He was assisted by Jodi, Rosaire and an apprentice as it was a large class of about 10 students.
It was very windy and chilly at the start of the day on Saturday but the weather gradually improved, there were tiny rolling waves which were pretty fun to surf. The class was very interesting and we all learned a lot, whether it was about pure technical gestures, fundamentals, water safety or about managing a class of beginners. On Sunday we primarily focused on short teaching exercises (using awesome tools like KISS or IDEAS) and we learned 2 efficient safety rescue tricks.
Nice people, beautiful spot and lots of fun that's about what SUP is all about, big thank to the instructors for their knowledge, passion and their patience!
It gave me the opportunity to try the surf quad fin setup that i bought in L.A and it felt great, better tracking than the tiny whitewater fins for sure, plus they look nice right. I can't wait to know if we are certified so we could move on to phase II.

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