| Alone in Valleyfield...

I thought there would be more people but today i found an empty park on the Saint-Charles River, enough to hesitate but it's a long ride to come here and i couldn't miss a chance to paddle. The water is really cold, the flow was high and it's SNOWING again, perfect time right???
I knew i wouldn't stay too long so i chose to try the G-Rocker over the Stream to get a good idea of its performance on fast moving waters. Surfing will wait a little.
WoOow, it is so small it's scary, it's super nimble and quite unstable under my weight, but you gotta get used to it, can't wait to go on a standing wave now! The board is light with only 5" in thickness and the short tri-fins don't really help tracking running down river, although it turns and responds super fast to any strokes which is a good feeling. I love it!
Evidently i bailed a few times and tasted the icy stream but who cares when you are having so much fun :) 

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