| Poison Ivy/Herbe a Puce...

This is the kind of high grass area that we have to go through when going down to the water in Verdun, it's fun and exciting (reminds me of my childhood adventures). Unfortunately i recently discovered something less amusing, i am really allergic to Poison Ivy/Herbe a puce (Toxicondendron radicans) and it sucks!!

It's been already 2 weeks and it itches a lot still, the rash is very strong and my wounds are evolving every day with many blisters appearing, you can really see the points of contact with the plant, it's disgusting. I bought a cream with Colloidal Oatmeal/Avoine colloidale (Aveeno or equivalent) and it helps a lot, but it never last long enough :-(
So it's definitely a painful lesson, Nature is tough, we'll be more careful next time.

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