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Yesterday i went to Maude's cattery to pick up our second cat Dim Sum, it's always sad to take a kitten away from its family and he didn't seem to like the ride in a cage. What a beautiful yet strange creature, he's super calm and despite being slightly older than Banh Mi, he looks so clumsy and tiny, she is is definitely larger and tougher. 
Who's that thing?
We were quite anxious about the introduction in his new home with such an energetic resident already in place. But it went surprisingly well... she was super excited/nervous and wanted to play while he was exploring this entire new territory, so we had to separate them in multiple occasions :-)
funny hair patches behind the ears!
the wrinkled explorer  <3
It took a day for her to get used to having a new friend that look like a tasty dumpling, she was obviously a tad jealous but now they're getting along really nicely! SooOo cute together!

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