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Day #4 Gaspé to Percé

The road to Percé once again was beautiful, though it was getting dark rapidly. It's imperative to make sure your brakes are working properly because there are super steep sections, from 8% to a crazy 17% which is probably the steepest part i drove so far on a regular road.
Once at destination it looked like a ghost town, everything was shut down except for a pub but i badly needed a shower and couldn't care less about it. I can't use the diaper wipes we bought recently because i'm allergic to Paraben and it started to burn my skin a little, yeaaah my mistake for not reading the label! So we left Percé to Grande-Rivière where we would find many open restaurants and motels, as told by a local friendly old dude (i think he's still laughing at us for touring the place in winter).
Indeed there is a more lively vibe as soon as we entered the city but the only place we could find was the Motel du Rivage (~82$/night on WE). Although there are lit-O-rally hundreds of gites, hotels, camping and B&B along the coast they are almost all closed now, and if not, their receptions are shut down after 4:00 pm so you know, we've tried.
Grande-Rivière is a charming city with a nice little harbor, a few restaurants and friendly folks. We checked out around 11:30 am and went looking for a brunch, which is apparently too much to ask for. Then we had no choice than to go back on the road and try to visit the famous Rocher-Percé. It was amazing to drive the same road again because we could finally enjoy the view in daylight, and it's stunning.

There is so much we didn't see the previous night, the rock and the island Bonaventure are beautiful from every angle, at close range or far away in the distance, making it difficult to drive and admire the landscapes all together.
Everything was closed, not even one available boat on the ice-free waters, we were starving and then decided to go back to Gaspé for a lunch. Dominique one of our friend grew up here and she told us to go try the poutine aux crevettes at the Brise-bise restaurant. Hmmm pretty good i have to say!
Okay now what about the 31st? because i originally envisioned something more exciting that what is going on here we decided to drive back near Québec city and to check the mood there. On the way back we stopped again at Saint-Jean-Port-Joli but went to visit the city this time, it was a pleasant surprise with its very artsy and odd vibe, there are plenty of cool boutiques, boulangeries and gourmet restaurants to enjoy.
We are now back home in Montréal and the return was exhausting, we will be celebrating here so we wish y'all a Happy New Year, enjoy your last day of 2013 and see you guys in 2014!

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