| Wear or not to wear...

That is the question??? and it usually sparks lots of comments and debate. I do wear helmets when snowskating, wakeskating and inside a skatepark when skateboarding, they've always been part of my equipment when riding dirt bikes in Africa and Madagascar and it makes me feel safer while doing tricks and hitting rails or jumps where there are serious risks of injuries. Let's say i also had my fair share of painful experiences :-(
To be honest we were actively searching for a urban type of protection that is light, efficient and doesn't make us look like sponsored triathletes or some aerodynamic mushrooms, please! One can think it's a logical thing to wear a helmet on a bicycle but i came across different opinions on forums and blogs.
So it made me think again... what about you?
...a possible answer?


  1. I wear a helmet. I downhill mountain bike, like to cruise around on the street at top speed and also ride a motorcycle. I only have one life to live and would prefer to do it riding bikes rather than lying around sipping out of a straw or having mush fed to me through a feeding tube.

  2. Understandable, I think the point of some people is that if we had better bike tracks and more respectful car drivers (goes for some cyclists too), it would be less dangerous for commuting, now going fast and doing tricks is an entire different story :-)
    I'm still looking for a good helmet though...